Who we are

We are the External-Services department of CIC nanoGUNE, a nanoscience cooperative research center in the Basque Country (Spain). Our department has been designed with a double goal:

  1. To contribute with our know-how to the innovation processes of industrial and technological companies, supporting their research and development strategy and their projects. 
  2. To open our facilities to external users from academia, technology centers, and companies, so that they can all benefit from nanoGUNE's exceptional infrastructure. 

 Our expertise is particularly strong in three specialization areas:

  • Coatings to functionalize materials.  
  • Microscopy for the characterization and fabrication of materials and devices.
  • Optics for the analysis and development of new optical materials features.

 The services we offer can be of interest for a wide range of industries and research fields. These are just some examples: 

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine-tool manufacturers
  • Materials sicence
  • Microscopy laboratories

Moreover, nanoGUNE has a portafolio of technologies that can provide an important added value and serve as a differenciating factor for companies in different areas: health, food, new materials, bioplastics and textiles.

More information and data about nanoGUNE and its External-Services department is available in these presentations: